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We are a one-stop solution for all your home loan requirements. Leverage our unrivalled experience to address your home loan needs and avail attractive interest rates. Should you need expert advice, our home loan counsellors are ever ready to help you for a seamless home buying experience. Our home loan calculator provides detailed insight on your home loans. Altogether, a home loan scheme you can bank on.

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This depends on your financial situation and can vary from lender to lender. Use our free loan calculator and you will get a fair idea of how much you can borrow and the itinerary of repayments. You can also contact us to get exclusive advice on what type of loans will suit your needs.
If you are buying a house to reside, you will need minimum 5-10% of the purchase price, plus savings to cover the cost of buying and moving. However, you will need to add Lender’s Mortgage Insurance to the cost of your loan if you have less than 20% deposit. If you are an investor, you will need at least 10% of the purchase price.
Stamp duty, building inspections, conveyance and solicitor fees are some costs involved in purchasing a home. Add to that the cost of moving and any urgent repairs or refurbishments needed in your new home.
Lender’s Mortgage Insurance is charged when you have less than 20% deposit. It is a flat, one-off fee that is added to the cost of the loan. It serves as a protection for the lender in case he is unable to repay the loan amount. Also, it allows you to purchase your home sooner, even if you haven’t saved enough for a deposit.
The First Home Owner’s Grant scheme is a one-off fee to facilitate first home owners with purchase or construction costs. The amount varies by state or territory and ranges from $5,000 to $25,000. You can check the requirements for your state here.
Stamp duty is a state government tax levied on your property selling price. Stamp duties differ from state to state. Some states offer discounts to first home buyers.
If you find a home that suits your needs, contact us. We will arrange a home loan broker who will help you get a fast pre-approval.


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Paying off your loan EMIs regularly and making some extra payments when you have surplus cash can make a big difference in getting the keys to your home faster. Even if the RBA cuts rates, keep paying the previous amount. Also, making mortgage payments fortnightly rather than in a month. will come handy in making some extra payments every year. Some loans offer an offset account and if you put your savings there, it will reduce the interest you pay over the tenure of your loan.
The interest rate plays a major role in finalizing the loan option. You have to look for the most competitive interest rate. Our loan broker will help you work out your present and future needs so that you can calculate how quickly you can pay off the loan.
This depends on how well you are in a position to pay off the loan. In case of fixed rates, your repayments will stay fixed to a specific interest rate. However, these loans don’t let you make any extra repayments or use an offset account.
Variable loans on the other hand give you added flexibility in repaying your loans. But if RBA raises interest rates, your repayments will change. There are lenders that allow you to split your home loan between the two options.
If a situation arises whereby you are unable to repay your loans or it is eating into your savings, you can consult our loan expert and see if there is any way to refinance your loan. You can also refinance with your current lender to get a better rate or a lower interest fee. Switching banks to get the loan features you want is another option, though there will be property valuation or exit fees on your existing loan.
Life can throw unexpected surprises at you. You may change employment, start a new family or plan a long holiday. These things can come in the way of your idea of taking a home loan. Hey, worry not! You can contact our home loan professionals and they will be there to resolve this quickly. They can help refinance your loan or even help you take a payment holiday.

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